Stop Cycle Highway & Join Public Demo – 11am 8th Oct

Please will you encourage friends, locals and family to attend this short and sharp demonstration. Let’s visibly register our protest with the Councils of Westminster and Camden so that they are in no doubt what their voters think.

When: 11am Saturday 8th October

Where: Swiss Cottege Hampstead Theatre

Sign the Petition Here:

For months, a small cadre of committed locals in Hampstead, SJW and Belsize, have been arranging meetings amounting to weeks of solid effort with MPs in Parliament, Camden and Westminster Councils, The Royal Parks, and innumerable meetings with TFL.

It is possible that CS11 could be modified to be very much less strident and more importantly causing many fewer Rat Runs than the present scheme proposes.

I/we are not anti cycling. A scheme sits in front of TFL and both Councils, that allows for every single yard of proposed Cycle Lane to be maintained BUT (and this is a big but) keeps the Park open, Queens Grove open and College Crescent and Hilgove Road accessible. Cycling safety therefore is not compromised at all, but this time, local residents’ manifest concerned are more ably addressed.

We are not prepared to allow the huge amount of Rat Running caused by the displacement of traffic from the main routings into the side roads, that TFL themselves acknowledge as a direct result of CS11, to happen.

In short, the present scheme is a sledge hammer to crack a nut and we want TFL to adopt a simpler alternative that still warrants the same levels of cycle safety.